At dlb Consultants, we take safety seriously!


The senior management is actively involved with employees health and safety. Leaders commit to a safe working environment that is free from recognizable hazards. At dlb we establish goals and monitor performance. The goal of dlb is to make sure that all employees return home each and every day. We make safety a core value for everyone. Safety isn’t just a slogan, it’s a way of life. dlb consultants has a commitment to protect our employees from any unseen hazards on any job site. If an accident or incident were to arises on the job site, we will supervisor on site with first aid training to do basic care.

Useful Information

We will give out useful information out to our employees about the success and adherence to the safety programs.

Effective Program

We have an effective safety and health program that increases worker involvement, management commitment and allows employers to better manager their resources, personnel and environment.

Reporting Process

We encourage workers to report safety and health concerns. We establish a process to report injuries, near misses and other safety and health concerns. We also empower workers to temporarily suspend work they feel is unsafe.


We provide positive reinforcement to all worker about our safety program. We maintain an open-door policy, inviting workers to speak to managers about safety and health. We involve workers in all aspects of the program, such as conducting site inspection, reporting hazards and reporting near-miss. We encourage employees to raise safety concerns and to identify and remove any obstacles by their participation in a program or reporting.

Before the Job

Before we start the job; we give out information about our hazard prevention and control. This will give contractors information about programs and procedures to control worker’s exposure to hazards.


We train on OSHA standards and ANSI standards for potential control measures and get input from workers, safety consultants, or investigations from other workplaces with similar hazards.


We conduct regular inspections of controls, confirm that work practices are being followed.

To provide training to all managers, supervisor and workers as well as contractors and temporary workers on: safety policies and procedures, emergencies, injury and their rights under the OSHA Act. These values we take really seriously so remember this: keep safety as the first step, safety work are smooth workers, come safely, work safely and arrive home safety. Last but not least, If the voice in your head has to ask “is this safe?” it isn’t.