Closed doors can be opened with the right relationships



dlb business development executives actively research potential clients and pursue new business relationships. They obtain client requirements and prepare business development strategies tailored to the targeted customer. Business development executives develop pursuit materials, prepare presentations and regularly present at client meetings, industry exhibits, trade shows and conferences. They work in tandem with sales executives to plan and coordinate business generation activities, such as responding to client requests for proposals (RFP). Business development executives also maintain existing business relationships through continuous client followup, responding to client inquiries and resolving problems on their behalf.

Because dlb business development executives interact with corporate executives and key decision-makers, excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills are essential. They are highly polished and articulate, maintain a pleasant disposition and are able to establish and expand professional relationships with senior executives. dlb business development executives are strategic thinkers, expert negotiators and have an intuitive marketing ability. They possess a strong entrepreneurial spirit and thrive in dynamic and competitive environments.

dlb aspiring business development executives obtain professional sales experience and hone their consultative sales, communication, negotiation and interpersonal skills, by learning about the company’s business model and market positioning.

the end results


Improved Products or Services


Increased Profits


Increased Customer Satisfaction


Increased Productivity


Plan, develop, coordinate Business Development and marketing efforts new and existing business

 Develop objectives and strategies

 Train and assist project personnel to make effective presentations

 Determine client’s needs and evaluate company resources and capabilities


 Facilitate the development of company business plans and goals, and developing strategies for management
client contacts regarding upcoming opportunities

 Contract Negotiations

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